Timothy Gaus, AIA
Timothy Gaus, AIA Email tim@tgaia.com



"We shape our buildings, and afterwards,
        our buildings shape us."
- Winston Churchill


Timothy Gaus, AIA, is an accomplished Architect with a diverse portfolio of more than 1,200 successful projects, including restaurants, medical offices, commercial centers and governmental facilities. Over the past 25 years, Gaus has earned a solid reputation for innovative design solutions that are attractive, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Timely service, efficient project management and attention to detail have prevailed, as the vast majority of the firm's projects have been completed on time and within budget.

As Principal Architect and design team leader, Gaus's first priority for every project is to understand, and embrace, the owner's goals and values.  Gaus views every project as a unique partnership with the owner, in which both parties contribute their best available resources toward the realization of a common goal. Frequent client referrals, and numerous repeat commissions, demonstrate that Timothy Gaus, AIA, is highly responsive to client goals.