Tim Gaus
Timothy Gaus, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
The American Institute of Architects.
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LEED AP (Accredited Professional).


Education: Kent State Univ.

Bachelor of Science: 1978

Bachelor of Architecture: 1979

Master of Architecture: 1981


Florida Architect Corp. AA26002143

Florida Interior Design Corp. IB26001280

Georgia:  Reg Arch RA011780

Tennesee: Reg Arch 103569

North Carolina: Reg Arch 12208

Alabama: Reg Arch 5963

Louisiana (inactive)

Mississippi (inactive)

Virginia (inactive)

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The design and construction industries in America are running at full speed again, after enduring a 5-year downturn. New projects, and new ideas about design and construction, are emerging at a rapid pace. We find ourselves in a refreshing era of innovation. The recession and recovery facilitated a needed break from the 30-year Architectural trend toward neoclassical grandeur. Businesses have reinvented themselves in this new economy, with branding that is modest, socially responsible and environmentally green.


This translates into a fresh and bold Architectural approach, where building form is kept simple. Structural elements and materials are revealed in a natural state, without applied ornamentation. Technology is no longer hidden in walls and above ceilings. Materials are exhibited with rustic honesty. Building forms express their function in a clear, organic manner.


The days of budget overruns are also gone, and Architects must meet the challenge of frugality with greater discipline than ever before. Design programs must be tight. Spaces must be multi-functional and interdisciplinary. Complex geometry must give way to simple, expressive forms. Materials and finishes must be honest, durable and sustainable.


It's a great time to be an Architect, and I vigourously embrace the challenges of this bold, new design paradigm.

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As a hands-on Principal Architect, Timothy Gaus, AIA, offers design leadership and experience from more than 1,200 successful projects, including:


  • Restaurants
  • Medical and Professional Offices
  • Corporate Prototype Facilities
  • Retail and Mixed-Use Developments
  • Public Safety and Governmental Facilities
  • Custom Housing (single and multi-family)
  • Renovations and Adaptive Re-Use
  • Interior Design
  • Site Feasibility Studies
  • Building Science Consulting & Expert Testimony

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Successful architectural environments create lasting influence.  They can catalyze customer interest, enhance corporate identity, improve task efficiency, and bolster employee esprit de corps. Winston Churchill spoke volumes when he said "We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us." 

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Successful commercial design does not require budget-busting expenditures.  It does require that the owner identify – and the architect embrace - a disciplined set of project goals.  Understanding the “business advantage” a commercial project affords the owner will be Gaus's first priority in the design process. 


Symbolic, aesthetic, and environmental goals will also be integrated into the final architectural design, in a manner that reinforces the business owner's primary reason for building.

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LEED AP™ is the designation awarded to an Accredited Professional who demonstrates an advanced understanding of the numerous sustainable design principles of the  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program of the U.S. Green Building Council.


Whether you intend to seek LEED Certification for a finished project (Silver, Gold or Platinum), or merely wish to employ green building strategies for the benefits of reduced maintenance and life-cycle cost, selecting a LEED Accredited Professional to guide your project team is an important first step.


... at least that's the opinion of Timothy Gaus, AIA, LEED AP.

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Conceiving, planning and accomplishing a building project can be one of the most exciting, and demanding, opportunities of a lifetime. Like good parenting, a relatively short period of wise and attentive care can yield a lifetime of reward and joy.


If you choose to team with Timothy Gaus, AIA, be prepared to think about values and mission objectives, and work with the architect to refine and manage project priorities.


  • What symbolic message will your building "speak" to the public?
  • How can the arrangement of spaces improve the orderly production of your work?
  • What kind of environment will inspire your colleagues to  "bring their A-game" to your top-tier organization every day?
  • Which spaces within the building will be interactive, contemplative, or private?
  • How will your business model change in a decade, and how will the building adapt to future needs?
  • What are the simple and irreducible purposes the building must fulfill, in order to justify your investment - AND - what other challenging goals must be integrated (managed) without detracting from your primary purpose?


When the mission objectives are clear, Gaus will prepare and present alternate design scenarios in workshop sessions.  Plans and 3D computer models will be employed to understand, manipulate and negotiate alternative approaches.  Conceptual studies will continue through multiple iterations, until all design stakeholders are satisfied that an optimum solution has been realized.


When the conceptual design has been approved, Gaus will carefully prepare construction documents for bidding, permitting and construction.  Architectural services during the bidding and construction phases will be tailored to the owner's needs (for cost efficiency), and ongoing support and guidance will be available until the project is complete.


From Concept to Design to Reality, Timothy Gaus will be a hands-on team player, and will encourage all parties to contribute their best available resources toward the realization of a common goal.

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